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Jericko 2014 KWPN-NA North American Weanling top 5

Dazzler 2008 KWPN-NA North American Weanling Reserve Champion

April 2016
In September 2015  Kizzabella (UB 40 x Babitha Dyloma was 1st premium at her KWPN-NA inspection at Iron Spring Farm.  She is now getting ready to turn 1.  Talk about legs.  This girl is going to be really tall and what a mover!  As of now, Kizzy is being retained for our breeding program.   The UB 40 cross with Babitha has really been a good cross for us. 

October 2014
We were so pleased that Jericko (UB 40 x Babitha Dyloma by Goodtimes) was 1st premium, site champion at Iron Springs Farm, champion foal on the east coast and then went on to be 5th in North America with the KWPN-NA.  Along with his outstanding conformation, and excellent movement, he is a confident guy who really enjoys being the center of attention.  Babitha is pregnant with another UB 40 and we are hoping for a filly with Jericko’s qualities to keep for our breeding program.

November 1, 2010

This is late news, but we were very proud of Forrest at the Iron Springs Farm keuring in September. He was awarded 1st premium and also ranked 5th at the keuring for weanlings. I think he is going to be a tall boy with spectatular movement. He has power behind! I only wish he was a filly so he could stay in the breeding program. I might try another Farrington breeding on Babitha in the spring. We'll see. I might also like a UB-40 breeding for her.

June 3, 2010
Zilena foaled Fillipp at 1:00 am. I went to sleep at 11:00 but knew that she would foal. Of course, I am highly equipped with my foal predictor kit, birth alarm and the camera so I knew I wouldn't miss it. But, I really wanted more sleep before the event. Fillipp was 16 days early which isn't so much but his legs kept coming. Maybe he needed to get out of there while he could still fit. I was sure I was going to have a bay filly so imagine my suprise when these black legs appeared. His first day was tough. He needed a team to get him up, bottle feed him, get him nursing, get him up, ...etc. My friend said rough start for the early bird. He is a little behind in development but he'll catch up. His sire is Rousseau. Fillipp is a full brother to Dazzler who was the North American Reserve Weanling Champion in 2008.

May 19, 2010
After watching Babitha for days and nights, she foaled on 5/19 at 7:00 am. My husband, Rich, was on foal watch while my son and I slept. Rich was suprised and delighted to welcome Forrest, a big chestnut colt by Farrington. Rich could only welcome Forrest on the monitor because he is allergic to horses and everything that goes with it. Grant helped me deliver and really was skilled at getting Forrest to nurse, especially for an 11-year-old boy doing this for the first time. Forrest looked like a powerhouse right from day one and still does! Pictures soon.

May 2010
Tilena is now showing 3rd Level with scores in the 60's. My good friend and trainer, Tara Wilkinson, is doing a fantastic job preparing her to receive her sport predicate. She just needs to go a little more forward at the recognized shows to increase her scores.

September 2009
Emilena was awarded 1st premium in 2009 at the Iron Springs Farm keuring.

September 2008
Dazzler (Rousseau x Zilena) was awarded #2 in North America with the KWPN-NA!!! We are proud and excited to have placed #2 in the top five!

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